Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello friends:

I am not a "techie" so this will be a work in progress. Fortunately my children (including my very techie son-in-law) will be able to help me.

My precious girl-child also my first born has encouraged me to join the world of bloggers so here is my first posting.

Married to my high school sweetheart for the last 33 years we are the proud parents of two children - Mary Beth who is married to Garrett and is the mother of our precious Squirmy (Ken's nickname for her), Jellybean (my nickname for her) AKA Saralynn. Our son, Matthew graduated in May 2008 from LaGrange College and is gainfully employed at Interface Flor. All the kids live at home with us at the current time which is quite alright with me - I'm one of those mothers who loves having her chicks in the nest. Although we probably get in each others way from time to time we all co-exist under one roof nicely.

Saralynn and Matthew have a new pet. Muffin a 4 month old female kitten came to live with us one week ago today. It has been too quiet in our house after our beloved cat Butterscotch also known as "Goobie" passed away. Goobie was about 16 so we suppose it was about time for him to leave us althoug his passing wasn't easy. Muffin has much to adjust to. We kept her confined to the kitchen, den and laundry room for the first couple of days except for night when she slept in Matthew's room but she has since ventured upstairs. (Mary Beth said she has also gone to the basement where they live but not for a long period of time.) Muffin and Saralynn are going thru an adjustment stage which is so much fun to watch. Saralynn does not terrorize Muffin (at least not intentionally). Saralynn received a new baby doll stroller at her Pelt grandparents house for Christmas and she so wants to take Muffin for a ride but Muffin is not cooperative and won't get in the stroller so Saralynn scoots the stroller along behind Muffin as she runs away. It's quite a site. Saralynn lays on her tummy in the kitchen floor and watches Muffin eat and drink and so far Muffin hasn't growled as most cats do when they're eating. We pray that they continue to co-habitate and their love for one another grows daily.

I am sure I've bored you all enough so I'll close this first posting. Please feel free to comment - I look forward to this new adventure in Blogland.

God's blessings on your all!
Becky (aka) "Mimi" Carter